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Wet & Dry - Corporate Catalogue

A Corporate Brochure/ Product Catalogue to represent the key USPs of the brand and company as a whole. Wonderful graphic designing and beautiful product shots to make the product and brand stand out for an awesome b2b representaiton.

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Neud Hair Spray - Product Packaging

The product packaging design is planned keeping in mind the rich and luxory look. The brand colors has been used in an effective arrangement to carry the product family design language and keeping it unique at the same time. Wonderfully executed 3D Mockup.


Zap Booking - Flyer/Emailer Design

A well structure template has been adopted with the use of brillinat cover image as a hook up factor. Various color has been used to keep the destination identity uniquely defined. Adopted to html emailers for digital campaign.

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Neud After Lotion - Packaging

Yet another revolutionary product with brilliant design execution. Corporate brand colors has been used to give it a rich and luxurious feel. Brilliant product mockup and various concept based mockup has given life to the product.

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